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Title: The World's Only Consulting Penguin and His Blogger
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Rating: General
Links: Ao3 | DeviantArt | Tumblr
Notes: Drawn in response to a cracky prompt by fellow Sherlock fan [ profile] mundungus42, who wanted to see Sherlock and John as penguins. Thanks to everyone who responded to my call for annoying art prompts last week. More to come.

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Jul. 21st, 2014 09:14 pm
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Title: Erised
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Rating: General
Links: Ao3 | DeviantArt | Tumblr
Notes: Sherlock Holmes stumbled upon the Mirror of Erised in his first year at Hogwarts; he stumbled upon his best friend, John Watson, in his third. Caught up in the excitement of experiments, spells and magical mysteries, he nearly forgot about the existence of the mirror until seventh year, when he and John came upon it while on a case.

For the first time ever, the mirror reflected Sherlock exactly as he was: with John at his side.

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Jul. 20th, 2014 11:57 am
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Title: Sussex
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Rating: General
Links: Ao3 | DeviantArt | Tumblr
Notes: Dad and Sherlock at the cottage, 6 June 2039. Reprinted from He came at once: The life and adventures of Dr. John H. Watson, (p. 163) by A.S. Watson, 2057, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Copyright 2057 by The Holmes-Watson Collection. Reprinted with permission.

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Title: The Warmest Colour
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Rating: General
Links: Ao3 | DeviantArt | Tumblr
Notes: Close your eyes, John. It's an experiment. [Reference] Next up, I'm going to try my hand at some RetirementLock. *gulp*

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I posted the following question to my Tumblr a little while back in responses to some of the arguing over shipping and assumptions being made about why people ship. I'm often frustrated by the simplistic and reductive assumptions that emerge in this kind of wank and wonder where other people are coming from. I expect we all ship for a number of reasons. The prompt elicited a number of really interesting responses which can be read in the notes to the post, but I'd love to hear more. Behind the cut are my own.

Have you ever thought about why you ship what you ship? And I don’t mean just what you like about a particular pairing but also what purpose it serves in your life.

Is it due to something you are dealing with personally? Is it a way to blow off steam and have fun (and if so - why this ship and not others)? Does it feel safe for you for some reason? Is it more about community than about you? Does it reflect past experiences, regret, hopes and wishes or even examined/unexamined prejudices? Does it get at something you cannot get at in any other way?

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Title: The Best Man
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Mary Morstan
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson (unrequited), John Watson/Mary Morstan
Rating: General
Links: Ao3 | DeviantArt | Tumblr
Notes: You look sad when you think he can't see you. Inspired by this photo of Martin and Benedict as John and Sherlock and all my post series 3 Johnlock feels. Thanks to those who provided feedback on prior drafts, especially [ profile] tripperfunster and [ profile] venturous1. As you can see, I decided to go with neither ink or colored pencil, so this was a bit of an experiment in a new medium.

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So I went ahead and put my MuppetLock art on a t-shirt for 221B con. My printer lost a little steam on the back, so there are a few skipped lines, but I'm happy with the rough look. It seems very fannish. Can't wait to wear it, and I sort of wonder what it would look like printed professionally.

Here's the front of the t-shirt.

And there's the back of the shirt.
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Title: Can You Tell Me How To Get To Baker Street
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Rating: General
Links: Ao3 | DeviantArt | Tumblr
Notes: Sherlock and John as muppets. Front and back t-shirt design inspired by Benedict Cumberbatch (Counterbatch) hanging with the Count and by another beloved pair of roommates, about whose relationship people love to talk. (They do little else.) I'm planning to turn this into a two-sided t-shirt to wear at 221B Con.

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Originally posted to the Three Patch Podcast Tumblr

In Episode 20 (coming March 1st) we'll hear more about a few fix-it fics that address the Elephant(s) in the Room as well as a roundtable discussion on the state of the Johnlock ship. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite recently discovered Johnlock stories, both pre- and post-series 3 as well as a few WIPs that are updating regularly and worth following:

Pre-Series 3 Fic

  • Against the Rest of the World (by silentauror) - Finished just three days before series 3 aired, this is a bittersweet post-Reichenbach reunion fic in which Sherlock fights his way back to John both literally and figuratively, forcing John to choose between him and Mary. (Explicit)

  • All We Ought To Ask (by archray) -  John as clergyman, Victorian angst, soul-searching and sexing. Inspired by an actual angsty Victorian novel that deals with similar religious themes but without the sexiness. (Explicit)

  • Fan Mail (by scullyseviltwin) -Begun pre-series 3 and completed just recently. When a fan gets out of hand and Sherlock and John bridge the final gap. Upsetting yet satisfyingly warm and sexy. (Explicit)

  • The Sexual Awakening of Sherlock Holmes & Dr. John Watson - (by suitesamba) - There will always be gorgeous Johnlock fic in this fandom. Here's another new gem, finished pre series 3.  A murder mystery weekend party forces these two to acknowledge what has been there for so long. (Mature)

Post-Series 3 Fic

  • How to Lie (by kedgeree) - Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive. My heart broke a little but not nearly as much as Sherlock's as he helps train John in the art of deceiving Mary. (Explicit)

Post-Series 3 WIPs

  • Devours, As From a Memory (by hum_hum_humbug) - Fix-it fic that examines the unrequited love and UST between John and Sherlock in a slightly altered series 3 world. (Eventually Mature)

AU WIPs that Pay no Heed to Series 3

  • No Stranger to the Cold (by objetpetita) - Fusion of Sherlock and Jane Eyre with a young and brokenhearted Dr. Watson coming to Thornfield Hall as a personal physical and tutor to the ward of the unusual and isolated Mr. Holmes. (Explicit)

  • A Study in Transfiguration (by Aristophanium) - Potterlock, in which the sortings were influenced by TPP's own Drinkingcocoa, and the boys are in pursuit of a mystery involving students in Potions in a post-Harry Potter Hogwarts. (Explicit)

  • Working on the Edges (by earlgreytea68) - Johnlock on ice. At the Olympics. I'm a huge fan of the film, The Cutting Edge, so this fic is a little slice of heaven. (Mature)

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The following was my response to an Ask I received on my Tumblr regarding Rowling's revelation regarding pairing Hermione and Ron...

*              *              *

I saw reference to it on Twitter yesterday and links like this one here which led to a discussion with fellow HP fans, some of whom were upset or stunned or ecstatic about this announcement. This is my own personal response to the announcement based upon my past experience in the HP fandom and my friendships with other HP fans who were very invested in or affected by this specific shipping discussion. It’s also very much related to where I find myself right now shipping Johnlock in the Sherlock fandom:

1. Why today? I wasn’t personally invested in Hermione and Ron or Hermione and Harry as I joined the fandom rather late (2005) and was never really a canon shipper (Neville/Luna was my first ship but it was Snape/Harry and Snape/Hermione that eventually became my competing OTPs). When I asked ‘why today’, this elicited a few responses:


It makes sense, as drinkingcocoa-tpp suggests, that Rowling revealed this to someone she knows and trusts. But this wasn’t a private conversation with Emma Watson. The audience was much bigger, and Rowling is not naive when it comes to media attention when she gives interviews about Harry Potter. She may have trusted Emma to handle this question with care when writing this article, but why reveal this information now?

@biblioaesthetica’s comment suggests this could be related to new Harry Potter works Rowling may be involved in and specific choices she is grappling with. We do know she’s co-producing a play taking place in the pre-Harry Potter years, so this could be possible. It’s also possible that involvement in this project is making her revisit authorial decisions on past books. In other words, she really wanted to talk about the writing process and how she has grown or how time has given her different perspectives on her writing. This is very interesting.

I personally was wondering if there was something she had been confronted with in her own life or in the lives of those around her that made her reconsider her decision to marry Hermione and Ron. Have conversations with young women (like Emma Watson) about Hermione and what she means to women that age led her to revisit this choice? I can’t really know, but I am still wondering, why this conversation needed to happen now and in this format.

2. What does this mean for Harry Potter fans? This is related to thegoldendoe's response and the response of several friends who were deeply involved in the Harry Potter fandom, particularly the shipping of Hermione with either Ron or Harry and were affected by the fallout of the shipping wars that occurred as a result.

More on shipping, Johnlock and authorial intent... )
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Title: Midnight Blue
Characters: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Rating: Teen for tongue
Links:  Ao3 | DeviantArt | Tumblr
Notes: Based on a moment in Chapter 8 of BeautifulFiction's Midnight Blue Serenity. Gorgeous and harrowing casefic with beautifully erotic moments and a bestubbled, eyeliner-wearing Sherlock. It's for a case of course, and poor John didn't stand a chance. My first time drawing a guy with eyeliner, and my second attempt at stubble. Consider this a rec. Go read the fic.

MidnightBlueIconTheir lips parted wetly around a breathless gasp... )

First Kiss

Mar. 31st, 2013 03:06 pm
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Title: First Kiss
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Rating: Mature
Links: Ao3 | DeviantArt | Tumblr
Notes: John, in control, pins Sherlock’s hands and moves in for that first kiss. Drawn for [ profile] pern_dragon, who requested something with John in control pinning Sherlock’s hands to the wall with Sherlock’s clothes disheveled or in the process of coming off. Clothes are boring. So are walls. I hope she doesn’t mind. This is the first piece of fanart I've completed this year and also my first sort of gently smutty Sherlock piece.  I shall continue to search for beautiful reference photos so I can do more.


John pins Sherlock's arms and moves in closer until they're touching from thigh to chest with nothing in between... )


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