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I posted the following question to my Tumblr a little while back in responses to some of the arguing over shipping and assumptions being made about why people ship. I'm often frustrated by the simplistic and reductive assumptions that emerge in this kind of wank and wonder where other people are coming from. I expect we all ship for a number of reasons. The prompt elicited a number of really interesting responses which can be read in the notes to the post, but I'd love to hear more. Behind the cut are my own.

Have you ever thought about why you ship what you ship? And I don’t mean just what you like about a particular pairing but also what purpose it serves in your life.

Is it due to something you are dealing with personally? Is it a way to blow off steam and have fun (and if so - why this ship and not others)? Does it feel safe for you for some reason? Is it more about community than about you? Does it reflect past experiences, regret, hopes and wishes or even examined/unexamined prejudices? Does it get at something you cannot get at in any other way?

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Title: The Headmaster's Boy
Characters: Severus Snape, Harry Potter
Rating: PG -13 (Slight bondage) NSFW
Notes: There's been a serious dearth of Snarry around here. Drawn for [ profile] alisanne, who was itching for a Snarry drawble back in June to meet the prompt Dumbledore's Army (hence Harry's barely visible tattoo). This turned into a bit more than a drawble as I can barely draw Harry's scar in under 20 minutes, and I finally got around to coloring it.

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