Feb. 26th, 2014

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Originally posted to the Three Patch Podcast Tumblr

In Episode 20 (coming March 1st) we'll hear more about a few fix-it fics that address the Elephant(s) in the Room as well as a roundtable discussion on the state of the Johnlock ship. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite recently discovered Johnlock stories, both pre- and post-series 3 as well as a few WIPs that are updating regularly and worth following:

Pre-Series 3 Fic

  • Against the Rest of the World (by silentauror) - Finished just three days before series 3 aired, this is a bittersweet post-Reichenbach reunion fic in which Sherlock fights his way back to John both literally and figuratively, forcing John to choose between him and Mary. (Explicit)

  • All We Ought To Ask (by archray) -  John as clergyman, Victorian angst, soul-searching and sexing. Inspired by an actual angsty Victorian novel that deals with similar religious themes but without the sexiness. (Explicit)

  • Fan Mail (by scullyseviltwin) -Begun pre-series 3 and completed just recently. When a fan gets out of hand and Sherlock and John bridge the final gap. Upsetting yet satisfyingly warm and sexy. (Explicit)

  • The Sexual Awakening of Sherlock Holmes & Dr. John Watson - (by suitesamba) - There will always be gorgeous Johnlock fic in this fandom. Here's another new gem, finished pre series 3.  A murder mystery weekend party forces these two to acknowledge what has been there for so long. (Mature)

Post-Series 3 Fic

  • How to Lie (by kedgeree) - Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive. My heart broke a little but not nearly as much as Sherlock's as he helps train John in the art of deceiving Mary. (Explicit)

Post-Series 3 WIPs

  • Devours, As From a Memory (by hum_hum_humbug) - Fix-it fic that examines the unrequited love and UST between John and Sherlock in a slightly altered series 3 world. (Eventually Mature)

AU WIPs that Pay no Heed to Series 3

  • No Stranger to the Cold (by objetpetita) - Fusion of Sherlock and Jane Eyre with a young and brokenhearted Dr. Watson coming to Thornfield Hall as a personal physical and tutor to the ward of the unusual and isolated Mr. Holmes. (Explicit)

  • A Study in Transfiguration (by Aristophanium) - Potterlock, in which the sortings were influenced by TPP's own Drinkingcocoa, and the boys are in pursuit of a mystery involving students in Potions in a post-Harry Potter Hogwarts. (Explicit)

  • Working on the Edges (by earlgreytea68) - Johnlock on ice. At the Olympics. I'm a huge fan of the film, The Cutting Edge, so this fic is a little slice of heaven. (Mature)


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