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As a service to fellow Snape-fen everywhere, my fellow [ profile] snapecasters and I went in to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with a critical eye toward evaluating the Snapeyness of the park. We already knew not to expect any actual portrayals of Snape by park employees, which was fine by us, but we were keen to find other indicators of the professor's presence.

We first conducted a systematic investigation of all the merchandise for sale in the park. Among the various character wands for sale was Snape's. However, a version of Snape's wand has been available for a while through the Noble Collection, and we were interested in finding something unique to the park. [ profile] chaeche, [ profile] msavi and I combed the shelves in Dervish and Banges looking for something Snapey. Although there was a lot of fun House stuff for sale, our search turned up no sign of the Potions Master. A similar scrutiny of Honeydukes did not turn up anything substantially Snapey either. This was perhaps not surprising in light of Snape's less than sweet disposition.

This left Filch's Emporium at the end of the Forbidden Journey ride. The ever intrepid [ profile] gina_r_snape made a special trip to the Emporium in search of Durmstrang merchandise for [ profile] perosha and while there, conducted a detailed search for Snapey stuff. It was here she struck paydirt and found the only Snape merchandise in the park:

Behold the Snape keychain.

Ever the dedicated Snape fan, she promptly bought 10 of these, which she surprised the rest of us with as we headed off to the airport. Here's hoping they have a lot more in stock to satisfy the cravings of rabid Snapefen.

On a more positive note, a little digging uncovered Snape's subtle presence in the park... )
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While at Infinitus, I lucked out and was able to take photos of some amazing young Snape and Snily cosplay. [ profile] fiendish_thingy was experimenting with open shirt cosplay and wanted to try out some beach scenes. [ profile] pern_dragon, who originally came along to photograph, wound up the object of photographs and cosplayed a rather flirtatious Lily. I've put together a few of my favorite pictures from this session to tell a brief story. Apologies for the really nuts "effects" as I got a bit carried away with my photo editing software, but some of these really nicely highlight the very convincing job [ profile] fiendish_thingy did on the open shirt binding.

Snape's Best Memory

Young Snape reads
Exams were a week away and Severus had wandered outside to study away from the noise of the Slytherin common room. He had recently taken up wearing a top hat in an effort to appear more debonair and brought it along to keep the sun off his face.

Whether or not Lily found his new hat suitably dashing... )


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