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This is the second installment of several posts detailing the ups and downs of tracking filming and spoilers for Sherlock Series #3 with partner in crime dudeufugly.

Tumblr Post to Part I
Tumblr Post to Part II


Our second (and third) days on the trail of spoilers... )
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Original Tumblr Post Here

I had the amazing opportunity of spending 8 days in London (and Cardiff)  with dudeufugly in search of #setlock for Spoilercast (the spoiler segment of the Three Patch Podcast).  This is the first of several write-ups detailing the ups and downs of tracking down and finally experiencing filming for Sherlock series 3.


The adventure began on a Tuesday when I arrived from London/Gatwick at our hostel shortly after 10pm. Geny (dudeufugly) and I had begun texting each other the minute I cleared customs so that I was quite literally off my face with excitement when I finally met her at check-in. I’m afraid I screamed in her ear in happiness while she hugged me.


We then headed up to the dorm room so I could get settled in and we begin planning our next course of action. At this point, a quick shout-out to our hostel is in order. The Travel Joy Hostel in Pimlico on the Victoria Line, was awesome (photo above), affordable, clean, well-staffed and had the best amenities of all the hostels I’ve stayed at this past year. It also had an awesome view of the Battersea Power Station (the photo below is the view from outside), which only fueled our fannishness.


It’s part of a pub, has free soft-drinks and tea and coffee throughout the day, breakfast is included, the wifi (SO IMPORTANT WHEN SETLOCKING) was strong and cost only 1 pound a day. While Geny strategized by checking tags and other resources for possible leads (she has got this down to a science!) and answering asks, I took care of a few work emails and did some work on drafting a grammar exam for my students (boring - I know!)


We knew at this point that Sherlock had been filming in the studio in Cardiff and were looking for hints regarding when and where they might resume outdoor filming. However, we weren't able to uncover productive leads so decided to spend the following day in London paying homage to beloved Sherlock sites around town.

Stay tuned for that in Part II.

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My latest trip to London was a success and I got to see actual filming of Sherlock! Twice! This is me and my travel buddy Geny (dudeufugly) on Tumblr standing in front of the actual door on North Gower Street just a few hours before filming began. What a thrill! There's so much to report, including plenty of nonsense, that I want to write up in great detail for those who couldn't be there. I think I'm going to call this series My Setlock Life because I'm cheesy that way. Stay tuned. . .


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