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The Story
Rumor has it that today is Sherlock's birthday. Sherlock doesn't know (or care) who started the rumor except that it's getting in the way of his latest case, something involving an original Dickens manuscript that has been discovered missing during refurbishment of the Charles Dickens museum. What follows is a story told in text-messages during a 24-hour period on April 16, 2012.

Rating: R for ridiculous and innuendo
Genre: textfic, crackfic, mystery, role-play, nonsense
Ships: John/Sherlock, Jim/Irene, Molly/Lestrade, Molly/Mycroft, Three Continents Watson

The Cast of Miscreants Participants and Their Texts
Links provided to texting transcripts as they become available and unlocked.

[ profile] pennswoods- as Sherlock Holmes
[ profile] dixiebell12- as Dr. John H. Watson
[ profile] drinkingcocoa - as Detective Inspector Greg Lestrade
[ profile] dragonsinger954 - as Mycroft Holmes (part II here)
[ profile] pern_dragon - as Mrs. Hudson
[ profile] chaeche - as Jim Moriarty
[ profile] foxestacado- as Molly Hooper
[ profile] elenauial - as Irene Adler
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Here at long last are all the posts that Sherlock sent and received yesterday. I've made a few edits when I noticed a typing error or something.  Sherlock got a bit behind while otherwise engaged in the evening and some may appear out of order and if you have suggestions for changes or reorderings or additions, feel free to make them in the comments.

This was such a blast, and I love all the crazy storylines that evolved in parallel. I hope we can clean each of these up to post as actual text stories or subchapters to Where's he Dickens. [ profile] drinkingcocoa and I have been working on one ourselves and you can see what the almost finished product looks like here:

Texts from Sherlock - Where's the Dickens... )


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