May. 15th, 2014

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I flew to the US last week for a conference, and on my way back I managed to work in a 36 hour layover in London on Monday and Tuesday. I touched down at Heathrow around 6:30am and made it to the Walrus Youth Hostel (literally right beside Waterloo Station) by 8:30am. I had been wanting to see a play and found out Andrew Scott was performing in Birdland at the Royal Court Theatre, but that tickets for Monday performances were only available day of as of 9:00am. I got online straight away and got one of the last tickets remaining.

I did some necessary shopping, met the awesomely clever fic writer [ profile] pennypaperbrain for lunch, trundled off to Hampstead Heath for a run and hill workout (if Benedict seriously goes running there regularly, no wonder he has such a lovely bottom), cleaned up and headed off to the Royal Court Theatre.

The place was packed (see below), and after eating a quick dinner of wine and crisps ([ profile] drinkingcocoa would have encouraged me to eat something proper if she'd been with me), and buying a rather affordable copy of the program AND play (just 3 pounds), I settled in for the 2 hour performance.

I found the acting solid, but the purpose or purposeless ness of the story flummoxed me. I want to say it felt too superficial and placed greater emphasis on flashy staging (they flooded half the stage with water at a certain point, I think to reflect the sinking of Scott's character) than on a story with sufficient depth and purpose.

However, I am happy to report that Andrew Scott can DANCE!

He was playing this rock singer and when they transitioned scenes he would usually be busting a move. There was a lot more upper body than lower body action, but it was really cool to watch. He is also tiny and very fit. I want to say he seems to be 5'9" or so but very slight in some ways. His arms were more cut for this role than when he was Richard Brook. He was shirtless or nearly shirtless for a good portion of the performance and he has those dimples in his lower back. He was also wearing very tight trousers so his full form was well displayed.

But lots of power in him. When he started dancing, suddenly he was Mr. Sex. OMG!

More Squee: I did the stage door thing,  although I was really torn about it, so I was in a crowd of only about 15-20 people and got to see Andrew up close. I asked him for a photo and he said sure, but while I stepped aside to find someone to take the picture, another woman posed with him, and then suddenly he had to go and I never got the picture. I know I could have gotten one if I had acted sooner, but I held back because I just felt kind of sorry for him- for asking this of him when it was starting to rain. I sort of feel like I failed a little at being a fangirl and went home a bit disappointed in myself because I didn't even take a photo of hime while he was with other fans (I thought the flash might be annoying, and I just wanted to ask first).

The good news, however, is that the following morning, tickets for Martin Freeman in Richard III went on sale at 10am to the general public. I managed to score a pair for August 6th and am trying to rope my husband into finally coming to London. If he doesn't come, I'll need someone to join me. The tickets are in an interesting area and look like they might even be right behind the stage, so I should have a good view of Martin Freeman!


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