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I've spent the entire day editing a roundtable for the next episode of the [ profile] threepatch podcast on the media, the fourth wall and the fandom. I've managed to trim it down from 67 minutes to 37 (so much to edit!) but I'm not done. I still have to clean out the background noises and equalize the sound levels, but my back is killing me.

I'm going to take a break and go for a run before I continue, and I'll be listening to these two songs for inspiration. The first one is probably going to be the bumper music for this particular segment and it's making me laugh. One of the best parts of editing is trying to pick songs that fit the theme of the special segments, and this one is really working for me right now. The second one may find its way into the episode or not. There are a lot of interesting songs about walls out there.

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Originally posted to the Three Patch Podcast Tumblr

In Episode 20 (coming March 1st) we'll hear more about a few fix-it fics that address the Elephant(s) in the Room as well as a roundtable discussion on the state of the Johnlock ship. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite recently discovered Johnlock stories, both pre- and post-series 3 as well as a few WIPs that are updating regularly and worth following:

Pre-Series 3 Fic

  • Against the Rest of the World (by silentauror) - Finished just three days before series 3 aired, this is a bittersweet post-Reichenbach reunion fic in which Sherlock fights his way back to John both literally and figuratively, forcing John to choose between him and Mary. (Explicit)

  • All We Ought To Ask (by archray) -  John as clergyman, Victorian angst, soul-searching and sexing. Inspired by an actual angsty Victorian novel that deals with similar religious themes but without the sexiness. (Explicit)

  • Fan Mail (by scullyseviltwin) -Begun pre-series 3 and completed just recently. When a fan gets out of hand and Sherlock and John bridge the final gap. Upsetting yet satisfyingly warm and sexy. (Explicit)

  • The Sexual Awakening of Sherlock Holmes & Dr. John Watson - (by suitesamba) - There will always be gorgeous Johnlock fic in this fandom. Here's another new gem, finished pre series 3.  A murder mystery weekend party forces these two to acknowledge what has been there for so long. (Mature)

Post-Series 3 Fic

  • How to Lie (by kedgeree) - Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive. My heart broke a little but not nearly as much as Sherlock's as he helps train John in the art of deceiving Mary. (Explicit)

Post-Series 3 WIPs

  • Devours, As From a Memory (by hum_hum_humbug) - Fix-it fic that examines the unrequited love and UST between John and Sherlock in a slightly altered series 3 world. (Eventually Mature)

AU WIPs that Pay no Heed to Series 3

  • No Stranger to the Cold (by objetpetita) - Fusion of Sherlock and Jane Eyre with a young and brokenhearted Dr. Watson coming to Thornfield Hall as a personal physical and tutor to the ward of the unusual and isolated Mr. Holmes. (Explicit)

  • A Study in Transfiguration (by Aristophanium) - Potterlock, in which the sortings were influenced by TPP's own Drinkingcocoa, and the boys are in pursuit of a mystery involving students in Potions in a post-Harry Potter Hogwarts. (Explicit)

  • Working on the Edges (by earlgreytea68) - Johnlock on ice. At the Olympics. I'm a huge fan of the film, The Cutting Edge, so this fic is a little slice of heaven. (Mature)

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Below is the meta piece I wrote for Episode 8 of [ profile] threepatch. I've copied it here in full below and for those who are on Tumblr, here's the original post.

*                  *                 *

This is the last of three essays on the Cumberbitch Question featured in Episode 8 (What’s it Like in your Funny Little Brains?) of the Three Patch Podcast. In this response to Drinkingocoa’s essayShannon explains why she finds the term Cumberbitch empowering and is troubled by attempts to erase this fan identity.

(Warning for mention of child sexual abuse)

Thoughts from a Cumberbitch )
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I love podcasting and am having so much fun with the Three Patch Podcast. It, more than anything is why I'm not posting enough around here. I seriously spend more time on this podcast per week (at least since April) than I did in the heyday of Snapecast, but it means that I'm not doing other fannish stuff nearly as much, and that includes drawing fanart. There are so many Sherlock related pieces I want to draw, but I'm feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out which one to do next and which ones to not even bother with:

1. There's a WIP of a Labyrinth/Sherlock crossover piece that I've started the lineart on and put aside and is based upon this image of Jarod dancing with Sarah.

2. I want to draw Captain John Watson of the starship USS Enterprise in his command yellow shirt sitting in the captain's chair with his science officer, the vulcan Mr. Sherlock, standing just behind him.

3. [ profile] earlgreytea68's WIP Nature and Nurture, which is based on the premise that John and Sherlock suddenly find themselves raising a baby who happens to be a clone of Sherlock. I want to depict Mycroft contemplaating snapshots of baby Sherlock and baby Clone!Sherlock because even at only 6 months, they are so very different in demeanor.

4. I want to draw sexytimes between John and Genie!Sherlock from [ profile] mojoflower's WIP Shatter the Darkness.

5. For a while, I've been contemplating a partner piece for The Fall, which I completed last summer. This would be John in outline with represntative images from the series filling it in the same way: his first text from Sherlock, his sweater pattern, his chair and Union Jack pillow from 221B, his outline as he stands with his arm outstretched pleading with Sherlock not to jump. This time, I would use blue ink.

5. Definitely want to try some Greaser!Lock.

6. John seducing or being seduced by cross-dressing Sherlock. Perhaps that cab scene in The Adventure in the Consulting Woman by DancingGrimm.

7. Something, anything from leopardwrites WIP The Illusion of Free Will. Maybe a moment with young Sherlock and adult John.

8. Sex, sex and more sex. I just want to draw these two guys having lots of great sex and orgasms. There are so many gorgous moments in fict that I would love to illustrate, even if it was only to show Sherlock's face as he comes or John trying not to lose it as Sherlock touches him for the first time.
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I am so full of squee. These are the bags and pouches made using [ profile] foxestacado's gorgeous artwork and logo for the Three Patch Podcast. I only wish I had thought to order a bunch more to share with friends over here in Europe. I am so ready for #setlock!
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Today is a red letter day! Not only is it Canada Day,  which is awesome because Canada. But it's also summer vacation for most people here (Swedes take their holidays very seriously) which meant I was completely alone in the office and no one bothered me with silly questions or unimportant things to do. This meant I managed to get one very important task done (yeah!) before coming home to be greeted with this sight and the strains of Oh Canada! playing on the laptop. The guy I married very sweetly decided to decorate while I was out and we enjoyed Canadian bacon, pancakes and maple syrup for dinner.

And I know that's a Quebec flag on the table and not a Canadian one, but since I was born in Montreal, this is still relevant. To everyone who observes it, happy Canada Day! And to everyone else, happy Canada Day anyway!

And in other good news, Episode 7 of the Three Patch Podcast, dedicated to John H. Watson just dropped today. This was such a labor of love!  But this is why today is a good day - I get to celebrate two of my favorite things: Canada and John Watson.
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Just in time for April Fools, the [ profile] threepatch podcast presents Episode 4, in which we talk with fanfic writer [ profile] madlori, attempt to sort Anderson and Donovan into their Hogwarts Houses, try to suss out exactly how Sherlock serviced his fall, and rec some crack!fic.

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Show notes and direct download can be found here or at

Reblog link for tumblr.
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When your life is so fucked up, you need a criminal to fix it!

Consulting Crafters Criminals [ profile] dixiebell12and [ profile] qui_quae_quod take your calls!

Listen here

Warning: Probably NSFW and most likely a bit offensive, but honestly Jim doesn’t give a shit.

Coming soon! March Moriarty Madness at

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Episode 2 is here!


Show notes and direct download can be found here or at

Reblog link for tumblr.

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To help with your craving during the long wait for series 3, a Sherlock fan podcast brought to you by some of the same ridiculous people responsible for[ profile] snapecast and [ profile] slashcast


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