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I ran my third Copenhagen Half Marathon this past Sunday. - What a race! What started with blue skies and sun turned into thunderclouds, rain, lightning and hail by the time I made it to the finish line.

The final dash to the finish line was a slog in icy ankle deep water mixed with hail since the roads were flooded. This video captures what it was like:

And this is the finish line:

The water was deepest in the streets, so runners were crammed onto the sidewalks which were slightly less flooded. At some point, after I finished, two runners were injured due to lightening strike and a fallen electrical cable, so the race was immediately shut down for safety.

However, despite all the chaos at the end, I still managed to run a PR. My official time is listed as 1:46:24 (corrected from an earlier time I was given). I'm so happy. And so hungry.

Wet me after the flood at the finish line at the CPH half marathon

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Pre-race selfie with sunglasses.

Yesterday I ran the Malmö Loppet 10K. It was a beautiful day for a run - sunny and 18C at 15.00. My official time was 50:42. My goal was to break 50 minutes and I was on track for the first 5K, which I ran in 25:04, but I lost steam in the second half and felt myself feeling too hot. That's one of the problems with training in a mostly overcast and rainy climate and then having sun and no shade for an afternoon race. Nevertheless, the purpose of this race was to test my conditioning as I start my serious training to beat my half marathon time in September. I think I actually ran this race better this year than I would have been able to last year (in part because my training was pushed back by a severe cold/cough that took a while to clear up).
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Just thought I'd scour the web to dig up the results of past road races, so I can have them stored in one place. They do have a tendency to disappear after a while, and I easily forget the exact time.

11/08/03 Locust Walk Homecoming Race (Philadelphia, PA) 14:43 (7:22)

1988-1989 High School Cross Country Championship - no times listed
07/07/01 Midnight Madness (Ames, IA) 24:19 (7:49)
10/14/01 Run for the Roses (Ames, IA) 23:55 (7:43)
07/13/02 Midnight Madness (Ames, IA) 23:11 (7:27)
02/27/10 Diploma Dash (San Antonio, TX) 23:39 (7:36)
05/22/11 West Seattle 5K (with a dog) (Seattle, WA) 36:20 (11:43)
05/28/16 Run for Diversity 5K (Malmö,Sweden) 24:58 (4:59/km or 8:02/mi)

08/14/16 City Run Copenhagen (Copenhagen, Denmark) 39:25 (4:54/km or 7:55/mi)

07/07/01 Midnight Madness (Ames, IA) 1:02:37 (10:05)
07/13/02 Midnight Madness (Ames, IA)     59:32 (9:35)
06/13/15 Malmömilen (Malmö, Sweden)  51:48 (8:20) - 24:41 5K time
09/05/15 Midnattsloppet (Malmö, Sweden) 53:48 (8:39) - 26:37 5K time (ran in costume)
09/13/15 Copenhagen Half Marathon (Copenhagen, Denmark) 49:39 (7:59) - ran as part of half marathon
05/20/17 Adrenaline Night Run (Fountain Hills, AZ) 1:02:42 (6:16/km or 10:05/mi) Photos
06/10/17 Malmö Loppet (Malmö, Sweden) 50:42 (5:04/km or 8:09/mi)-25:04 5K time

Half Marathon
09/15/02 Philadelphia Distance Run (Philadelphia, PA) 1:58:02 (9:01)
05/03/15 Sydkostloppet Half-Mara 2015 (Trelleborg, Sweden) 1:58:22 official (start time inaccurate) 1:57:27 (8:58)
09/13/15 Copenhagen Half Marathon (Copenhagen, Denmark) 1:55:12 (8:47)
09/18/16 Copenhagen Half Marathon (Copenhagen, Denmark) 1:48:10 (5:07/km or 8:15/mi)
10/01/16 Malmö Halvmara (Malmö, Sweden) 2:01:08 (5:44/km or 9:14/mi) 
09/17/17 Copenhagen Half Marathon (Copenhagen, Denmark) 1:46:24 (5:03/km or 8:07/mi)


12/14/08 Dallas White Rock Marathon (Dallas, TX) 4:36:56 (10:34)


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