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I mentioned the fanfiction project I have been using in my teaching in the talk I posted recently. For those who are curious, here are the links to my students' Sherlock AU fanfiction.
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He is Me

Aug. 6th, 2013 04:20 pm
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Title: He is Me
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, Original Male Character
Rating: General
Links:  Ao3 | DeviantArt |
Notes: Fanart based on the adorable and touching Nature and Nurture by earlgreytea68. When the British government (i.e. Mycroft Holmes), accidentally clones Sherlock, John and Sherlock find themselves raising a baby and doing everything in their power to ensure that this little boy has a very different childhood from Sherlock's. I'm not usually a reader of Parent!Lock, but this baby and this fic is pretty damn adorable while also a bit painful in what it reveals about Sherlock's childhood. It's currently a WIP, but updates regularly and makes me want to hug everyone after each new chapter. The sex is pretty hot too.

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Title: Let's Make a Bed Out in the Rain
Author: theimprobable1
Rating: Mature
Characters: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson

Excuse me while I blow my nose.  I'm a bit of a mess here after reading this incredibly touching John/Sherlock fic. It was written before season 2, so there's no Reichenbach angst or face punching or Irene Adler for distraction - just the beautiful friendship and love between Sherlock and John. It begins when John comes back to Baker Street after moving out of his and Mary's place the night he proposes to her and Mary breaks up with him. She'd met someone else and had been cheating on John for months. John is devastated. Sherlock is immediately concerned for John and very in love too - though John does not know this. Seeing his friend in pain, Sherlock stretches himself and tries everything in his power to help John through this difficult time.

Sherlock's efforts, which really do push him beyond his comfort zone, result in some adorably humorous moments. However when John suffers, Sherlock does too. And as John begins to recover, we see how Sherlock continues to suffer in his own quiet and determined way. He pines for John but has long ago accepted that all he can ever have from John is friendship. This determination and resignation, while helping him protect his heart, also dull his powers of deduction and cause him to misinterpret certain important clues.

A beautiful balm for the brokenhearted.
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Title: Sherlock + John - ♪ 'God Only Knows'
Song: God Only Knows by the Beach Boys
Vidder: amyyam
Notes: I already love this song, so I was naturally predisposed to enjoy the vid, but the editing was spectacular. Frequent cuts are made between clips from both seasons and the pilot building up to a sequence of three-way split screen shots that juxtapose perspectives from both John and Sherlock in the outer frames with joint moments featured in the middle frame. It's like they are looking back on their relationship with us. Amazing visual storytelling through editing.

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Title: School for Scandal
Author: Rubberbird
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Rating: Explicit

John Watson, the golden-boy captain of the school football team, and Sherlock Holmes, the icily quick-tongued outsider, are students in the same boys boarding school whose paths rarely cross outside of class. Although seemingly indifferent to everyone at the school, Sherlock battles a growing admiration for and lust-filled attraction to John, which is stoked when they are partnered on a long-term writing assignment for one of their classes. On his part, John's calm and easy-going exterior masks several long held secrets including an unhappy home-life, a desire to focus on academics instead of sports, and knowledge that he must hide his homosexuality from his teammates or risk his position on the football team and at school.

Sherlock is drawn much more sexually experienced than John, whose tendency to repress leads to conflict, hurt feelings, and some frustratingly hot UST. Mycroft features prominently in the 2nd third of the story and appears almost villainous in his manipulations of John and Sherlock, but this fades over time and especially once Moriarty appears in the final third of the story.

Both Sherlock and John alternately hurt and are hurt by the other, usually due to issues of raging immaturity, insecurity, and differences in communication. The close, cliquish and homophobic quarters of the school and the football team serve to exacerbate misunderstanding and reconciliation between the two as does the unfortunate relationship between John and his father.

The major limitation of this is that it's on I hope very much that the author will eventually archive on Ao3 before the porn police come along and erase it.
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Title:Adventures in Adolescence
Author: [ profile] dragons_muse
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Rating: PG-13ish

I am breathless with love for this AU adolescent Sherlock and John fic which is based on the premise that the two meet as teenagers while still in school and grow to become friends and then more all the while exploring a heart-breaking mystery in John's family.

The premise is what caught my eye, but I was drawn in by their teenage selves in a way that I didn't expect. Their respective family dynamics and histories was fascinating and so painful - especially Sherlock's. I think what I loved most were the little details John noticed about Sherlock - the connection he made between some of his behaviors around his sister Harry and what he observes when he visits the Holmes household.

What begins as a friendship between boys with damaged home lives grows into something deeper. The way the author handles the intimacy between the two with delicacy and indirectness (hence the PG-13 rating as opposed to a more explicit one) is beautiful and believable and still satisfying.
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Title:The Sensation of Falling as You Just Hit Sleep
Author: [ profile] greywash
Pairing: John/Sherlock, some het moments also included
Rating: Explicit

This is one of those fics that picks up where season 2 ends and attempts to make sense of Sherlock's methods and motivations for disappearing as well as how John is or isn't coping with his loss. It contains one moment of Sherlock getting punched in the face, but not by John and not for laughs. In fact, there is not much in this fic to laugh about. The plot, like the television series, relies on text-messages, missed phone calls, and blog posts to add urgency, mystery and tension. It does so through the incorporation of actual images, which may or may not be easy to view on an e-reader, though I can't say since I read this on my laptop.

It is a story that is full of beautiful suffering, the kind that stems from doubt and uncertainty and the misapplied curvilinear thinking that a too isolated great mind might generate. This is a emotional/physical rollercoaster of a story that honestly left me hurting after certain encounters, especially once John and Sherlock first/finally confront the physical side of their relationship. Even the concluding epilogue, in which the author hints but never directly shows what has become of John and Sherlock, left me with a kind of hopeless tenderness for these men.

For those who want to know what happens next, it appears that [ profile] greywash has begun posting a sequel, In Deed Accomplish Our Designs.
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Title:The Magic of Deduction
Author: [ profile] writingispurdy
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Rating: Up to PG-13

This fic follows the burgeoning friendship and adventures of the young Hufflepuff John Watson and the loner Slytherin Sherlock Holmes across their 7 years in a post Harry Potter Hogwarts. The Potterverse serves as the frame for this story with Quidditch matches, trips to Hogsmeade, and several familiar Hogwarts professors peppered throughout the adventures of this unlikely pair of friends. (*Note* Snape doesn't even earn a mention in this entire story but neither does Dumbledore, the Malfoys, and any number of other familiar characters.) The student body of Hogwarts is home to a mix of original characters and familiar (and sometimes obscure) characters from the Sherlock Holmes stories and the BBC adaptation, including Sherlock's elder brother Mycroft, John's older sister Harry, and a small, somewhat forgettable student named Jim Moriarty.

The story depicts Hufflepuff house with loving affection and also takes the reader inside the very different Watson and Holmes households. Blood prejudice in the wizarding world is muted but makes an appearance for a small portion on the story. Those familiar with season 1 of the BBC Sherlock series and with the Sherlock Holmes books in particular will recognize running themes, dialog, and storylines that have been modified to reflect the norms and magic of the Potterverse.

At the center of the story, however, is the friendship/relationship between John and Sherlock, how this grows and is tested by their enemies. What starts rather inauspiciously during year 1 grows to a deep friendship and eventual romance in later years. The PG-13 rating reflects what is gently alluded to rather than shown. In addition to friendship, adventure, a bit of mystery, and a slow-building romance there is also a substantial amount of angst.

This is a wonderful gateway fic for Harry Potter fans curious about the BBC Sherlock series. And for those who are already familiar with the Potterverse and the Sherlock series, this is a tender and beautiful imagining of John and Sherlock as teenage wizards.
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I don't normally rec fic because I'm lazy I usually get so swept up in a really good story that I completely forget to post to LJ. However, this time I'm making an exception because, oh my god *...

The fic in question is Performance in a Leading Role by [ profile] madlori who archives her fics over on [ profile] madlorific (and is incidentally going to be a featured panelist at Ascendio this summer). It's an AU that situates Sherlock and John as two very different British/Hollywood A-list actors cast in a film that has the potential to renew both their careers and to challenge their boundaries. A good portion takes place during the 2011-2012 Oscar season and addresses issues of acting, celebrity, the business side of movie-making, the influence of public opinion on actors' decisions to stay in the closet, and the nature of trying to maintain privacy in the internet age.

As someone who regularly consumes and examines celebrity news (seriously, a lot can be learned from how these people manage their image), I was completely swept away by how the author integrated snapshots of Hollywood life while exploring the growing attraction between these very different characters. For my part, I was very much engaged in how the author addressed the issue of coming out in Hollywood and the personal, professional, and symbolic impact such a decision can have on the individuals and society. This is truly a beautiful piece of slash written by a writer who is skilled at voicing very different characters (both fannish and real) and at weaving the strands of romance, tension, and socially relevant issues into a cohesive and captivating story.

*Many thanks to those who rushed to my rescue and linked me to Sherlock fics that needed reading. I have been gorging myself on much Sherlock/John goodness, but the fic that has captivated me the most was recc'ed by [ profile] keladry_lupin as a particularly timely AU based on acting and the Academy Awards. (I owe you big time, KL!)


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