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The [ profile] lubricus Colouring/Book is perfect for those who've always wanted to try their hand at coloring and enhancing slashy fanart. The collection includes popular ships and a number of rare pairs and a range of ratings, so you can actually color some of these in public. They're available for a $20 donation. More info on how to order by clicking the image above.

I have two artses in the collection. One is a Snarry piece (of course!) that's something of a remix of a certain Richard Armitage-inspired Snape/Hermione piece. The other is a NSFW Pansy/Hermione piece, which represents my first attempt at this pairing and only my second femmeslash piece. Both are behind the cut.

My Lubricus Colouring/Book Lineart (NSFW) behind the cut... )
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Offering Post
Offers accepted (March 1 – March 15, 2012)

The SOS Online Auction in support of [ profile] lubricus is now open for offers! We welcome offers of all sorts (slashy and non-slashy, fannish and non-fannish). Check out the Instructions for Offerers post for more info and stay tuned for the bidding post when the auction opens for bidders on March 16th.
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I am in heaven enjoying all the squee on my flist over the fun that was had at Aeternitas, and I'm so looking forward to more HP con goodness June 16-19 in Seattle at Lubricus.

And speaking of Lubricus, artists and crafters have just 5 more days to submit pieces for display in the Lubricus Art Gallery, the Silent Auction and the Docent Led Tour. Register your pieces here!

Attendees interested in selling their items at the Craft Fair during the con also have until May 10th to register by sending an e-mail to

And if you can't make the con but want to show your solidarity (and score some schwag), consider becoming a Slashy Supporter. I'm tempted to become a Benafactor in Bondage myself just so I can name a drink at the Blue Ball!


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