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So I went ahead and put my MuppetLock art on a t-shirt for 221B con. My printer lost a little steam on the back, so there are a few skipped lines, but I'm happy with the rough look. It seems very fannish. Can't wait to wear it, and I sort of wonder what it would look like printed professionally.

Here's the front of the t-shirt.

And there's the back of the shirt.
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John believed in Sherlock. Every day. Every night...

And his unwavering belief ... )
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To balance out the Death Eater tea towels I've made for the Snape meet-up at Ascendio, I decided to try my hand making Sherlock inspired tea towels. I had several sources of inspiration, some of which did not quite turn out as I imagined. However, the set I'm going with is inspired by Tumblr:


Unlike the Snapey towels, these I decided not dye with tea but left in their bleached white state. I am also thinking of doing #notyourhousekeeper and #notourdivision just for giggles. There are only so many towels one needs, but they might be fun to give away. I also have a table at the Craft Fair, where I'll be selling HP stuff, but I wonder if I could also sell Sherlock stuff. I just don't know if anyone would buy it at a HP con.

Lest you think crafting is all rainbows and unicorns, below are two of my unsuccessful attempts. The first was meant to resemble the Baker Street Tube sign, but the design required far more precision than I could achieve with fabric marker or fabric paint, and I don't know if I'll finish it. The second, I may try to salvage with black fabric paint as the marker didn't leave a rich enough color for the boxes. I should perhaps stick with text and stay away from designs with geometric shapes and precise lines.

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Following up on my idea of creating HP themed sparkly t-shirt transfers, I visited Michael's over the weekend to pick up some supplies to experiment. Today, I tried out the process and am detailing the steps and outcome in this post.

First off, supplies:

T-shirt supplies
Supplies included a black cotton t-shirt, Tulip Glam-It-Up 300 Iron-On Crystals (12 colors), and Fashion Fusion 28 piece transfer kit. The kit included graph paper, placement tools, a white pencil, press cloth for ironing, tweezers, and transfer paper.

As you can see from the picture, I had several different transfer designs mapped out on the graph paper. This included both a large and small Hogwarts crest, a large and small Dark Mark, and the [ profile] snapecast nose. I am contemplating several other HP themed designs including a snitch, and a lightning bolt with glasses, but I wanted to experiment with one basic design before branching out.

Step-by-Step Photos this way... )


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